Monday, November 16, 2015

What I have learned while writing my book...

Lets start with the fact that I am a stay at home mom and what I do on a daily basis.
  • cook
  • clean
  • run my house
  • homeschool my children
  • help my husband with his job 
Now, lets  go with the author, reader, blogger me.

This is my second blog. I own one for books I read only and other authors, Hot Girls Read. It has been an eye opener for sure. I have learned that not everyone's business ethics are the same. Neither are what they are capable of doing. Learning that has not only upset me and caused me stress, but it was my fault due to the fact that I wasn't seeing things for what they really are.

Next being an author. It takes a lot of hard word. Yeah, I wrote a book. I have been over and over my story. I have checked and rechecked the book then I sent it to the editor. I am still making sure that one last read over my someone who has not seen it, to check for any error. 

  • writing to book
  • cover art or photo or cover model
  • cover designer
  • editor
  • promotions
  • paperbacks
  • formating
  • copyright
  • events
  • signings 
  • swag
The list goes on and on.

The there is the topic of having a Virtual Personal Assistant. Let me tell you what, that right there is tricky. There are things a Virtual Personal Assistant should be able to do. 
  1. Update Facebook page and Twitter account with teasers, sales, and other promotional items related to the author's work. (All teasers and other promotional graphics will be provided by the author. Any other graphics must be approved by the author before posting.)
  2. Maintain calendar for the author (blog takeovers, promotional events, and other miscellaneous items).
  3. Keep track of giveaways. PA will be responsible for sending out and/or gifting copies of author's ebook(s) to winner of any giveaways he or she has donated to. PA will also be responsible for tracking addresses of winners of swag items, such as bookmarks, etc. and deliver a spreadsheet of this information to the author once a week.
  4. Answer questions from fans as reasonable, regarding future releases, promotional events, signings, etc. or forward inquiry to the author for a response.
  5. Assist author in organizing tasks  for her street team, including sharing posts made on the author's FB fan page with the street team for them to share on FB and twitter.
  6. Other tasks as may be necessary.
Now here is where it can be tricky. This is an unpaid, volunteer position for the time being, with the understanding if the book takes off it could turn into a paid position. You will have access to the author's work and other sway items, including signed paperbacks, at no cost to you in exchange for your help. 

My issues is how can you have someone who wants to be your Virtual Personal Assistant who is unwilling to help you. That seems only there for the good stuff. Yeah, that really does not sound like a good assistant. 

I have made some changes and hopefully all for the best. I hate the name Virtual Personal Assistant, but I have an author assistant who is willing to help me and my book. So, I am happy now.

Forget Cinderella cover reveal coming soon

Join me in my event on Facebook to reveal the cover for Forget Cinderella. 


Forget Cinderella Pre-order

*.¸¸.*¨`*Preorder sale for .99*.¸¸.*¨`*

Forget Cinderella, my debut novel releases December 7, 2015. Find out what happens when Cara finally finds her happily ever after and then it all gets taken away. Will she survive what's to come or will all be lost?


~~ Synopsis for Forget Cinderella (True Loves Fairytale 1)

 Cara Mia
 It all begins with my story.
 I was Momma’s beautiful, happy, hippie princess. Then I was lost, sad and closed off. I wanted the fairy tale, I wanted to be Cinderella.
When I was preparing to start life on my own my story took on twists and turns I never expected. I decided to take some time to turn my story around. I wanted a happily ever after that was almost impossible until I met Amber, my friend, and she made me realize my story wasn’t where it was meant to be.
Then Jordan came along, my prince, and now my story is out of my hands. I’ve found what I was missing and I didn’t even know it, but it may all be taken away from me. I may even be taken away from this wonderful life I’ve built and the people I’ve surrounded myself with. My beautiful life could be gone and my fairytale forgotten. I don’t even have a glass slipper to help me.

Monday, October 5, 2015

I am a stay at home mom

I am a stay at home mom…..
What does that mean? At the end of 2008 I made the choice to stay home and take care of my family. Did I think it was going to be easy? Yes… Reality check coming from the present day, it’s not easy. Was I good at my new job? Are you freaking kidding me? I sucked at it. I was not good at cleaning at all. Epic fail.
Now move down two years. I had a baby boy to my family, I was living with my in-laws in Tennessee. I was also working with my family and doing the stay at home mom gig… I then failed big time at the family job. I was fired, guess by who? Yeah my husband fired me. That’s okay I wasn’t being paid for my services anyway. The issue at hand was though. I still wasn’t doing good at being a stay at home mommy of 2.
I had trouble living with my in-laws. She likes her home to sparkle. I personally sparkle, my home…not so much. I will say it was difficult learning to live with someone who is a clean freak. However, I have learned how to manage my time and cleaning that my home is looking pretty good.
You however have to give me grace at times. I clean, I cook, and I have lots of laundry to do. I still help my husband with his job (not family job anymore)and I get frustrated about it, but you would never understand why I do it when most would quit. I homeschool my children because I have learned that they need something outside of what the school system can give them.  I am my families personal shopper too (grocery shopping with kids is a pain in the ass).
I’m not paid for my work. A simple thank you may not be enough at times. I don’t get vacation days or sick days or even time off.  When I do get a small break I’m writing or reading. I’m on Facebook trying to network or myself or my blog. Most of the time I’m doing 2-3 things at once.
I’m not perfect and I’m constantly busy. My brain sometimes needs to shut down and when that happens it’s not good. My book voices don’t talk to me and I get one of my many headaches.
I like what I do. I like who I am (that’s another story coming soon). Don’t underestimate what I do and if I come to you out of frustration its cause I may just need a friend who will listen to me cause I can only handle people 10 years old for so long (THING 1, THING 2 is 5 years old). So just love me and work with me.
<3 <3

Saturday, August 8, 2015



My plans for next week.

1. Write a few more chapters. A minimum of 1 per book
2. Pay for my copy write
3. Set up quick books
4. Finish reading one of the 3 books I'm working on
5. Work on getting my son to read
6. Work on getting my daughter to complete more of her homework
7. Kick my own ass...oh wait I mean start a fitness routine
8. Organize my office
9. Develop my hated character more. Means research, means SOA
10. Work on developing my male character for Karma

Monday, July 20, 2015

What is my business plan?

Want to know something? I'm still tring to figure out my business plan. Here you have me, I am an author of erotic romance. My book is due out in December. As for how I am going about this plan is still a work in progress. There are a lot of questions I personally need to ask myself before just jumping in feet first. 

  1. Where do I see this going?
  2. What is the end goal I am trying to reach?
  3. What do I want to do that would make me stand out above all the other authors like me?
  4. What is the cost of doing all these things?
  5. Do I believe I can do what I set as my goals?
  6. Who do I plan on reaching?
That list could go on and on, but I don't have the time to write it all out. I am working on this. GOALS!!!!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Writer's block

I believe that my characters tell me their story. I love it. The problem is they talk to me. No I do not talk back to them. I'm not that crazy or maybe I am. Anyways, I typically get a headache when they don't talk to me. It's like my brain flat lines. I don't like it. I hate writers block. Right now I am doing way to many things and getting into , y office to write has become challenging, but I will do it. Why, because I have a story I want to tell and it isn't out there.

I write because it's what I do. If i can imagine the characters. Imagine their story the I can write it. All it takes is the beginning, middle and end.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Writing goals

Goals. What are they?  So I found out there is an author event in Nashville at the Opry hotel. I'm excited because it is the day before my birthday. However there is another event in October.

I now have to write out my goals for my book. Each and every one I have. Simple right. Hopefully I can do this and ease the hubbies mind so I can attend these events. Next post my goals.....

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Forget Cinderella

This is my synopsis for my book. It is an erotic romance involving the main Two characters Cara Mia and Jordan Carter.


I am learning all the aspects of writing.

1. How to publish.
2. Copyright
3. Teasers
4. Learning about blog tours
5. Release event parties on Facebook
6. Like pages (they don't really reach a ton of people)
7. Who my Facebook friends are and what they do reader/blogger/writer

It's so awesome. I am enjoying every busy minute of this process

All about me

What should you know about me. I live in Tennessee and was born and raise in Arizona.  Arizona will always be called home.

1. I am a stay at home mom/wife
2. I love my husband
3. I love my children Thing 1 and Thing 2
4. I love to read
5. I am a fangirl of Outlander
6. I am working on publishing my first book

Number 6 is more the reason you're here. The book is titled Forget Cinderella.  It should be out in December.  Right now I am being anal about my ending and want my book to be Epic......we shall only see.