Monday, October 5, 2015

I am a stay at home mom

I am a stay at home mom…..
What does that mean? At the end of 2008 I made the choice to stay home and take care of my family. Did I think it was going to be easy? Yes… Reality check coming from the present day, it’s not easy. Was I good at my new job? Are you freaking kidding me? I sucked at it. I was not good at cleaning at all. Epic fail.
Now move down two years. I had a baby boy to my family, I was living with my in-laws in Tennessee. I was also working with my family and doing the stay at home mom gig… I then failed big time at the family job. I was fired, guess by who? Yeah my husband fired me. That’s okay I wasn’t being paid for my services anyway. The issue at hand was though. I still wasn’t doing good at being a stay at home mommy of 2.
I had trouble living with my in-laws. She likes her home to sparkle. I personally sparkle, my home…not so much. I will say it was difficult learning to live with someone who is a clean freak. However, I have learned how to manage my time and cleaning that my home is looking pretty good.
You however have to give me grace at times. I clean, I cook, and I have lots of laundry to do. I still help my husband with his job (not family job anymore)and I get frustrated about it, but you would never understand why I do it when most would quit. I homeschool my children because I have learned that they need something outside of what the school system can give them.  I am my families personal shopper too (grocery shopping with kids is a pain in the ass).
I’m not paid for my work. A simple thank you may not be enough at times. I don’t get vacation days or sick days or even time off.  When I do get a small break I’m writing or reading. I’m on Facebook trying to network or myself or my blog. Most of the time I’m doing 2-3 things at once.
I’m not perfect and I’m constantly busy. My brain sometimes needs to shut down and when that happens it’s not good. My book voices don’t talk to me and I get one of my many headaches.
I like what I do. I like who I am (that’s another story coming soon). Don’t underestimate what I do and if I come to you out of frustration its cause I may just need a friend who will listen to me cause I can only handle people 10 years old for so long (THING 1, THING 2 is 5 years old). So just love me and work with me.
<3 <3