Thursday, November 17, 2016

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Want to find out what happened to Cara? Will he save her or does she save him? Find out who is really running this non fairytale. Order Remember Cinderella now.

“This is still Cara’s story…”
But in it, I failed her. I made her promises without thinking if I could actually keep them. Interesting how this is my job, to protect people and solve problems. However, someone always gets hurt.
Hearts will be broken again and again. This time, someone is going to die. This time, I can’t do my job on my own anymore. I have to trust and listen to the people around me.
Will I save her? Will she save me? Can she end up saving herself? Lies will be told and what is said should be seen. Do I have the strength to handle this new adventure? Only time will tell.
Someone needs to remember the thing that was forgotten.

Remember Cinderella (True Loves Fairytale Book 2)
by Tracey Champion

“Jordan, please stop,” I begged him. I needed to talk to him. He pulled away from me and stood up.
“You need to stop talking.” Jordan grabbed my left hand and brought it up to his lips. My heart was racing. He looked at the new bandage and placed a few kisses on it. Jordan then let go of my hand and spun me around.
I wasn’t sure what was going to happen next. I mean here I am butt naked, Jordan has on jeans and a gray shirt. I proceeded to look over my shoulder at him. Next thing I know he smacked my butt pretty hard. I cried out from the sting.
Jordan then let go of me. I went to turn around, but he glared at me. I watched him strip off his shirt and discard his pants right here in the kitchen. Goodness, he’s stunning to look at.
“Turn around pretty girl.” Why does he want me to keep my back to him?
“Jordan,” I said his name breathlessly. He was then behind me rubbing my bottom where he smacked it. Then his hand was in my hair as he tugged my neck to the side. I could feel his breath on my ear.
“I’m going to fuck you right here Cara. I want you on your tip toes.” My own breath caught in my throat as he nibbled on my earlobe. I got up on my tiptoes as he requested.
Jordan ran a hand between my legs. I then felt him line up with me and he sank deep inside me. I cried out and had to get a little higher on my tip toes.
He wrapped an arm around my breast as I braced my own on the counter. I tilted my head to the left not intending to give him access to my neck, but I did. He trailed hard kisses up and down my neck.
“My pretty girl, this right here is how I want you. Completely naked to me. No fancy outfit, no makeup. Just bare for me. I want you to know Cara Mia, you’re mine.” Every so many words Jordan would punctuate the word with a deep and hard thrust into me.

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